Waterfest 16 – Volkswagen Audi Car Show

Waterfest 16 – Volkswagen Audi Car Show

Waterfest is a weekend full of cars, beers and parking lot burnouts. Friday night was filled with the smell of burning rubber at the Ramada hotel. People gathered from many parts of North America to infest in reckless behavior. Aren’t most parties like that anyways?

Burnouts, alcohol, cops, officer Joey, honda civic invasions…

The next morning was quite difficult for some to get up after a long night. We managed to arrive at Waterfest at around noon. Drag racing, burnouts, girls, car show, sponsors & vendors, sausage & peppers are just part of what is there to see.

After the show was over, most dubbers went to Chili’s Grill & Bar Restaurant to show off their rides. Towards nightfall, there were some more parking lot burnouts. This time the cops weren’t too impressed. Within an hour or two, they managed to disperse the crowd. Some went to the Hampton Inn, others went to the other Chili’s, and once again many showed up to the Ramada. The place was overcrowded and the cops were immediately there to keep an eye on things. All was going well until someone decided to throw a bottle at a cop car. Long story short, people left to party elsewhere, others stayed and did some mischief around the hotel.

This was my first Waterfest, and I have never experienced such a stimulating car event. The Gumball Rally was exciting to follow and take part of, but this was something else. I will definitely go back next year.

As I mentioned in the previous post, we are working to put together a full length video of the Rally and the Festival. So add us on facebook to keep up with updates.