BMW Museum – Munich, Germany

BMW Museum – Munich, Germany

BMW Tour: Just a few metro stops from the main square in Munich, is the BMW Headquarters. I spent the day in all 3 buildings; the Welt, the Museum, and the Plant. The Welt is where customers can pickup their new cars and can drive them home. It is also where you can see all the latest models and learn about their new technological developments. They have a very extensive research and development group that is working hard to produce better, cleaner and more fuel efficient vehicles without neglecting performance.

The museum just located across the street is a great place to visit, where inside you will find the history of BMW. There are many rare Bavarian motors there to see, everything from the early years of their motorcycle production to the M Series. You will not be disappointed.

The final part of the visit should be the Plant tour. After seeing the collection and the history of BMW, I had to see how they were built. I was given my visitor’s pass and I joined an English tour that started at noon. We were taken through most of the production process and I was just amazed at how clean and well structured the buildings were. They mentioned that the place was built in a way to damper the noise from the fabrication from disturbing the surrounding habitants. They also redesigned the machinery in such a way to reduce the racket. All this because of the strict German regulations.

The trip to the BMW plant in Munich was great and very captivating. I can describe more about the place, but I recommend you see it for yourself and to anyone who loves cars and wants to be inspired to study in that field of engineering.

TIP: Call in advanced to get a spot to visit the factory as there is always waiting list.


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BMW Welt building

BMW Museum building

BMW 7 series

BMW Welt

James Bond 007 BMW convertible Z8

BMW Museum Interior

BMW Museum

BMW Museum

BMW Museum M Power Series

BMW M1 Museum

BMW Museum Munich Race car

BMW Museum BBS Rims Deepdish

BMW Welt inside interior

BMW Welt inside interior

BMW Welt inside interior